Catering & Special Orders

Special Order Vegan Cheesecakes

Our cheesecakes are available for special order! They are absolutely perfect for celebrating special dates or parties. These are custom made in-house with a wide range of flavors, colors, and toppings to suit any occasion.

Special Order Baked Goods

We offer a wide range of baked goods for special orders! Great for office parties and meetings, or a fun get-together. All custom made in-house by our talented baking team. We have a large portfolio of baked goods we can make in bulk for pickup.

Yes, we offer Catering!

We are also available for catering events like wedding rehearsal dinners and private parties. We will design a menu around your needs and any food allergy or dietary restrictions. Our 100% plant-based vegan options are sure to surprise and delight anyone regardless of dietary preference.

For all special orders and catering questions please email us here.